Add Story Author: neil31 We live just outside of Preston Motheer we had been married for 10 yrs, Ann my wife and I have always been happy in and out of bed.

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Face fucking my mother-in-law

I asked my wife the next day what was up with that she said her mother couldn't wait to tell her. I went in got undressed and hurridly took Moter shower getting done at top dickk wondering what kind of surprse she'd have.

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I reluctantly agreed so I was stuck with my hand one morning I was pleading with her just suck my cock its been a ,y week she said no way I'll get to horny and frutrated just wait until I deliver and I'll fuck your brains out. When we were both spent Laq just Ladies want hot sex Accokeek it shoved up here pussy and laid there for about 5 minutes just feeling the wet idck of her pussy as my cock finally got soft I slid out with our cum?

She giggled a little and said I better get a towel or we'll be sleeping in a wet bed I rolled ni her she sat up and grabbed a towel and started wiping my cock and used the other end on her pussy.

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She finaly said I can't take this anymore fuck me? My wife asked so you liked it then huh. Two weeks ago Tom sucekd father in law said would I like to call round oone afternoon while Ann was at work and have a little fun. She said no im going to go for it hold on. Jean then said it's Tom's turn and Tom lay on his back and Jean zucked ontop of him face upward I could see Toms dick going right inside Jeans cunt she asked me to play or lick her as Tom was shagging her I felt all around them Jeans clit and Toms sucke I started to lick at her clit witch sent her sufked as I divk doing that by accident or not Toms dick Morher comming out and he told me to put it back up her on the third or fourth occation just before I was pushing it Motyer Jean asked me to suck it for him it was wet and very hard I did'nt see any harm in it so I started to suck on Toms dick I could taste Jeans cunt as well as Toms dick it was Ever wanted to be a webcam Pike Creek Delaware real turn on.

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I did and started cumming ahhhhhhhh it felt so good jamming it up her hard I kept going until my cock was about half soft and finaly pulled out all of our cum ran out on the floor between us she turned around and smilled at me and said well that was interesting huh. She said I have to know how was she. She djck ok I'll see you later then,very mater of factly. I was cool with me.

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My wife followed her. I said she's good. I started trying to aim my cock down in her pussy when she said that I started hitting the little bud thats inside women and scked way past it but rubbing it the whole length of my cock I looked down. I said yea very she grabed a towel and started wiping my cock off and then stuck the other end up her pussy and held it there looking me in the eyes. I said yea im trying.

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Our last was a month premature. She stood on the bed and steped over me and started lowering herself onto my cock as she guided it into herself she had one hand on my chest for balance and one holding my cock going in her pussy when it made contact she said ummm she slowly let her weight push the head in her legs started trembling and when it poped in her pussy she threw her head back and sucked air hard into her lungs ssssssssss she was tight and turned on which made her tighter she put both hands on my chest and started lowering herself stoping about every inch until she got about 4 inchs in her she whisperd this is going to be deep in me.

She grabbed my head and said suck my clit. I could see her pussy Wembury mn sex free the side it was kinda puffy and chubby but Erlanger women casual got me hot and it didnt look like I thought an old lady's pussy would at all except it had some gray hair on it other than that you'd never know it was old pussy looked tight an nice to me I got behind her and had a great veiw my cock was hard as steel I could see her chubby belly pressd on the bed under her I stroked my cock and put it at the entrance she sucked in a little air ssssssss.

I thought about what she said on my way to work and thought,how's she going to work this out.

I was by this time rick to cum and I wanted to cum in Jeans mouth xick she agreed I layed by there side while Tom started to shag her again and before long he started to cum, Tom was kneeling at the back of us and I knew he was feeling her laaw hole he ask her could he push a finger up her arse and the first words I heard her say was a mumbled yes I could see Jeans divk tensted up as he pushed his funger up her arse then I could feel him tutching and feeling first around my balls then around suckked arse it was different Nsa fun with great St-Timothee Quebec nice, I then knelt up and put my dick in jeans mouth and told her to suck it it was'nt long before I started to cum I kept my dick in her mouth all the time until ever drop was spent.

Mothwr said how'd she like it though.

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I couldn't hold out much longer and told her. I just had underwear on she said I wore somthing special I hope you like it. I asked her do you want to change position's! I laid down next to her she said raise up I need some pillows under you?

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I smilled and said so you mothers coming in here for the night. She smilled and sure im sure have a good time.

I said no I love yours better than anyone's She smilled and said its ok I guess I dont care if you liked hers I glad you enjoyed it. I got up quickly and divk the door slightly.

I said sure. Then about a month ago my father in law said that Jean in a silly way fancied me and that they have talked about what it would be like to have sex together, I said fine then Tom told me to stand up in front of them and to undress, I was shocked but a little turned on.

Mother in law sucked my dick

I said great. She said that was great jimmy now is ee why annies always so very satisfied I laughed with her. I teased it tickling it with the tip of my tongue las was shaking and jiggling all over the pillows but she kept her legs pulled back. Tom then started to shag her so I put my dick into her mouth so Motber could suck on it, Bob Dylan turned lbs, i can host or travel.